The MM70 machine CHAINING model , is a chain machine and makes links of any geometrical shape, also from customer’s design. Each model of ring is provided with its own tool set which is easy to change and set in few minutes. Besides the production of single pieces the machine is equipped with an innovative system to make welded ring that allows to make chains with several kind of wire and with different sections (diamond cutted, not circular sections, double, hollow ,

Power Supply: 220 monophase – Pneumatic 6 bar 50 l/min

Dimensions: 1100 x 500 x 650 h

Weight: KG 79

Production: Chains with rings of any geometrical shapes, also from customer’s designs .

Wire diameter : 0.35 mm min / 2.50 mm max

Ring diameter: 3.00 mm min / 30 mm max