The MAIA model machine for alternate chain has two wire shaping stations , which can work on indipendent or combined mode , in order to create and chain up rings of any shape and also to alternate them as you like, It is possibile to use and weld contenporarly wires made of different materials like iron , brass, silver, gold, copper and in addition can be used wires with any shape (triangular , flat , ecc..) with no need of change any mechanical working adjustments. MAIA machine makes perfect rings with diamond wire too. The twice tools set are perfectly interchangeable and easy to replace in few minutes . The machine is supplied with a 16″ LCD touch screen display that allows the operator to have a clear reading and easy setting of the working parameters.

Power Supply: Electric: 220 – Pneumatic; 6 bar

Dimensions: mm 1300 x 750 x 1730 h

Weight: 155 Kg

Production: The machine can make rings of any shape which can be combined in order to create alternate chains. Fast in the tools substitution and easy in the direction. Thanks to an innovative system the machine can effectuate two different type of work process simultaneously.

Wire diameter : 0.50 mm min / 2.00 mm max

Ring diameter: 3.00 mm min / 30 mm max

Speed : 35 rings per minute