The Pop Corn Corn MMXI automatic machine makes “aggraffato” chains of different shapes like circular, oval , etc..
The machine has an innovative motorized system with a double disk , which places the single cutted piece automatically , and the feeder designed by Stil Mec, which allows to obtain the best precision on the strip feeding. It is possible to change the the produced chain very easily , replacing the tool in few minutes and without the need of mechanical adjustments.
Each tool is supplied with a detailed data sheet the working parameters which can be saved them on the touch screen control panel. The Pop Corn MMXI is equipped with a programmable cutter for scraps and a loading reel to work autonomously 24/7.

Power Supply: 380V 3P+N+T

Dimensions: 890 x 920 x 1850 h

Weight: 400Kg

Production: Full automatic production of popcorn chain type with tool set change in 5′. Customizable models, even with your logo.

Chain diameter: 3 mm min/ 12 mm max

Speed 70bpm.